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Looking for a way to work from home?

Struggling to get more page views for your blog?

Wondering how you can reach the perfect audience for your online business?

Need a bigger audience for your Linqia campaigns?


Do you ever wonder why some people are making an impact and getting ahead, while you’re working just as hard but still stuck spinning your wheels? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of expert advice available and wished someone could just show you, step by step, exactly what it takes to find online success?

Believe me, I get it.  I have totally been there, and I know exactly how it feels.

Mom With a Blog

iphone coffee foodI first started blogging in January 2013. I LOVED it & my plan was to make money doing this thing I loved, so I could be a work-at-home mom, make my own hours & be my own boss!

I spent hours researching SEO, but my page views wouldn’t budge. I added Google ads & Amazon affiliate links, but my income remained painfully low. I wrote & sold a printable that made a little money but not more than a few dollars a week.

Becoming an Influencer

In 2015 I got serious about investigating other ways to make money as a blogger & I started hearing the word “influencer”. I found companies that didn’t care if my page views were low. They wanted to know about my overall reach, including social media.

I started trying to grow my social media accounts. I got likes on my Facebook page, I got a few Pinterest followers, I started accounts with Instagram, StumbleUpon, Periscope, and Vine, but my Twitter account… it blew up! I very quickly got a few thousand followers, and then a few thousand more.

Why I Love Twitter

iphoneWith Twitter I was meeting real people like me: aspiring bloggers, moms with babies who were up in the middle of the night, families living in my area, parents worried about traveling with kids, asking questions, answering questions, sympathizing, sharing victories & challenges…

Any topic I wanted to talk about, I could find people on Twitter to talk to. I was meeting other people, people like me & building real relationships…

THEN something crazy happened. I started getting PAID to tweet. Not the pennies I was used to with Google or Amazon, but hundreds… Adding up to thousands of dollars….

Not the End of the Story

twitter screenMy blogging friends started asking HOW this happened. I wrote a blog post, then another blog post, but the questions kept coming. I couldn’t keep up with everyone individually. So I wrote everything down & organized it into this course.

With this course I can walk you through exactly how to grow & monetize your own Twitter account. No matter what your message is, I will show you how to reach your tribe and effortlessly draw them in. I’ll show you how to turn that loyal following into an income by doing a few key activities that will make all the difference. This is the exact plan I continue to follow to this day. And it is the plan I lay out in detail here in this course.

Once you complete the Complete Twitter Legend course you will be able to:

  • Quickly find the right followers
  • Attract them by the thousands
  • Exponentially grow your social media presence
  • Align yourself with other influencers
  • Create content that gets noticed

Learn all you need to know about using Twitter effectively and efficiently. Then you will be able to:

  • Make real money tweeting
  • Increase the page views for your blog
  • Share your product with qualified customers
  • Become an Influencer

This course will give you a step-by-step plan to follow in order to grow your Twitter following.

More importantly, it will empower, enable, and inspire you to take action and get real results, whether you’ve just started, have been blogging for years, or have no blog at all.

This course also comes with support from a network of other aspiring Twitter superusers – a guaranteed source of inspiration and and army of retweeters!


I’ve already helped hundreds of moms grow their Twitter followings to find REAL success online. Here are some of their stories:


testimonial sammy


I was lucky enough to find Saira of Mom Resource through Twitter very early on in my blogging. Following Saira’s Twitter tips brought instant results. In just 10 months I went from 200 followers to well over 18,000. Most importantly they are engaged followers who fit my niche. Saira’s tips are invaluable! Since growing my following I have seen an increase in opportunities to earn an income with my Twitter account and blog. I have also made meaningful connections with brands and new reader’s. This has helped me realize my dream of becoming a stay at home mom and eventually, earning a full time income from home.

>>> Samantha Ramos from Sammy Approves



testimonial lisa

Since I first found out that Saira was putting together a Twitter course, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch! My blogging friends and I consider Saira a Twitter genius and I’ve got the numbers to prove it! I had 189 followers when I first came across her post on Twitter for beginners. I followed her strategy and 10 months later I am just shy of 20,000 followers. I know of many others that are experiencing this same growth after using her techniques. I also credit her with the fact that I am now able to make money just by tweeting. I was offered my first Twitter campaign back in January and these offers have increased to the point where I made over $225 in May just for tweeting! However, there is so much more that I have to learn and I am planning to be first in line to take Saira’s new course!

>>> Lisa O’Driscoll from Fun Money Mom



twitter lifetime access

Your one-time tuition fee for Twitter Legend includes lifetime access to this course at the level you purchased, and to any future course updates, for as long as the course is available. You will be able to go through the entire course more than once, at your own pace.

It is important to note that as more content and value is added to the course, the future tuition fee may go up for new students, but you’ll always have access for the life of the course.


twitter courseWhen you enroll in Twitter Legend you will have access to all the tools you need to find success.  This comprehensive course provides a step-by-step plan, and the materials are designed to explain each step in detail.  You’ll never wonder what your next step should be.


twitter product-2



ipad twitter

It’s not enough to understand the steps for success in theory—you must understand how to apply it to your specific audience in order to make it work for you.

Our purposeful assignments are designed to do just that—show you how to take the lessons you are learning and put them into practice, so that you are seeing measurable results all along the way.

It’s homework that is actually fun to do, because you will get to reap the benefits of the work you are putting in.


course laptop

One of the hardest parts about taking an online course is feeling like you are all alone, but at Twitter Legend we never want you to feel that way!

You’ll receive four introductory emails that will help you dive into each lesson and give you tips for exactly what to focus on—and what to watch out for.

You’ll also receive our Twitter Legend newsletter, a regular dose of encouragement and motivation.

In it, we often share a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of our own business, as well as lessons we’ve learned along the way. This newsletter may be one of your favorite parts of the whole course!


ipad smaller size

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, make connections, and get moral support in our private Facebook group.

While getting answers to your questions is important, we also know how important it can be to get to know others in your field.

This is a great place to introduce yourself to other active Twitter users in the same niche.

This access is available exclusively for students in the Complete & VIP Twitter Courses.

Is This For You?

Have an online business already? Leverage this new following to get your message across to a large, highly targeted audience!

Want to make more on your Linqia campaigns? I have some tips to get your numbers to skyrocket!

Looking to build your blog following? This is exactly where you need to be!

I had searched & searched, but I couldn’t find anyone online who was sharing HOW they make money tweeting. It seemed like a big secret!

But my whole reason for blogging is to experiment & find out what, if anything, really works.

Well, I figured it out & I had to share it! I’m talking REAL money – not pennies per tweet!

I’m sharing everything I know, so you too can easily find & attract your ideal followers.

I promise it’s easier than you think with my step-by-step instructions!

So what do you say?

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